“Life is short and we have never too much time for gladdening the hearts of those who are traveling the dark journey with us. Oh, be swift to love, make haste to be kind!” – Swiss Philosopher, poet and critic Henri-Frederic Amiel (1821-1881)

We focus on where we can make a difference; and where solid improvement can be achieved. Some need our continued support. Some are one-off or are self-running upon completion.

Malaysia – KIDS: Bits & Bytes

Fondation Rolf Schnyder in cooperation with The Dariu Foundation, The Sarawak Ministry of Women, Early Childhood and Community Wellbeing Development (KPWK) and Swinburne University of (contd)

MALAYSIA – Digital Seniors Program

The Digital Technologies Seniors Program (DTSP) is a Fondation Rolf Schnyder initiative. This program, co-developed by Fondation Rolf Schnyder and Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak, (contd)

MALAYSIA – S.T.E.A.M. Digital Literacy Program

Fondation Rolf Schnyder’s S.T.E.A.M. Digital Literacy Program is geared toward stateless children, the marginalised and underprivileged children. This program provides students with lessons that incorporate (contd)


Child abuse is a major problem in Asia with 1 in 10 children being sexually abused and 1 in 4 children being physically abused. The (contd)

MALAYSIA – Miscellaneous

MessYear1.0 – in collaboration with Nasom (National Autism Society of Malaysia) – to promote awareness that uses messy play as a medium to promote an (contd)

MALAYSIA – Etania – Sabah & Tenom

ETANIA SCHOOLS OF SABAH Headed by Kathryn Rivai, Etania Schools provides education for marginalised, undocumented and stateless children in Sabah, Malaysia.  There are many thousands (contd)

MALAYSIA – The Childsafe Programme

The Childsafe Programme Working closely with Suriana Welfare Society, we passionately believe that prevention is better than intervention. We are now focusing on the prevention (contd)

MALAYSIA – Nourish Malaysia

MALAYSIA – Nourish Malaysia We work with Nourish Malaysia, a small Malaysian NGO, to provide aid to a Government School located in the PPR housing (contd)

PHILIPPINES – Tuloy Foundation

Philippines – Aquaponics at Tuloy Foundation School The Tuloy Foundation is a Philippine based non-governmental, not for profit organization run by Father Rocky for marginalised (contd)

MYANMAR – The Lotus Clinic (Update Aug 2022)


MYANMAR – The Rose Clinic

MYANMAR – The Rose Clinic In 2013, FRS started a new project in Thanlyn, a poor, densely populated district, south-east of Yangon.  We went in (contd)

MYANMAR – Hlaingthayar Children’s Home

MYANMAR – Hlaingthayar Children’s Home Excerpt from MAM’s Update Report – July 2017 About the Children’s Home 1.1. Introduction In March 2016 MAM opened a (contd)

MYANMAR – The Lotus Clinic

MYANMAR – The Lotus Clinic A 50/50 Joint venture project by Fondation Rolf Schnyder (FRS) and the Sanni Foundation (Sanni) of Switzerland. FRS and Sanni (contd)

VIETNAM – Mekong Delta

VIETNAM – Mekong Delta FRS is working with The Dariu Foundation (TDF) in the construction of a kindergarten in the Vinh Long province, Vietnam, to be (contd)

MONGOLIA – Bayasgalant

MONGOLIA, Bayasgalant We are the main sponsor the building of their new house to replace the yourts. Completed in summer 2013, we then proceeded to (contd)

PHILIPPINES – Sun for All Children

PHILIPPINES – Sun for All Children “Sun For All Children” (SFAC) is a small front-line group that does deep into the slums of Manila to (contd)

CHINA – Nanyang Special Care Centre

CHINA – Nanyang Special Care Centre FRS provided support for fitting out the ground floor with 2 baby rooms and a dining room through New (contd)

MEXICO – Colegio Meyalli

MEXICO – Colegio Meyalli Colegio Meyalli, Mexico is an institution with a track record and commitment to offer education and opportunity to a better elementary, middle (contd)


We will soon be working together with Myskills Foundation whom we found to be doing a lot to transform youths beyond skills. To break the (contd)


BURUNDI Existing project for children’s education and support of their families with micro-financing.  We continue with support of teachers and nurses fees and sponsoring of (contd)